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For further information, call City Hall, 580 371 2369.
  • City Limits Map, 2010 in .pdf format

  • City Code of Ordinances, 2014 Online (Current through Ordinance 2014-06 and adopted July 7, 2014 by Tishomingo City Council; ordinances passed after 2014-06 are available at City Hall.)

  • City of Tishomingo Cemetery Records
    Two databases have been placed online to provide public access to grave locations in Tishomingo City Cemetery.  The first data base consists of a list of burials up to 1986 copied from records supplied by the Johnston County Historical and Genealogical Society (JCHGS).

    The second set of records was supplied by the Tishomingo City Clerk’s office.  There is some overlapping of the two lists. Locating graves is further complicated by the fact that the two lists designate the various sections of the cemetery somewhat differently. Future plans of the Tishomingo Cemetery Committee include placing online maps to clarify grave locations for each database. 
    The JCHGS also keeps at their museum on Main Street a file of obituaries running back several years. 

    The databases are .pdf files and may be viewed online or saved for use on a home computer. To access the databases, click on links below. If you don't have a pdf file reader, you may download a free reader from Adobe.

    Data Set 1: Johnston County Historical and Genealogical Society (JCHGS) Records

    Data Set 2: Tishomingo City Clerk Cemetery Records

The City of Tishomingo Storm Warning Systems

City Services

Storm Siren
Installed in 2009 near the Middle School, it will sound when there is a tornado warning for our immediate area and can be heard outdoors over most of the city. Remember that storm sirens are intended as outdoor warning systems. During high winds and heavy rains, residents in well-insulated buildings with television or radios on may not hear the siren. It is designed to work even if electricity is off in the city.

Hyper-Reach Emergency Phone Notification System.
Johnston County Emergency Management Director Jason Bryant has announced that a new caller ID number has been established for the county's Hyper-Reach emergency phone notification system. The new caller ID name is Johnston Alerts, and the number is (580) 387-0070. This is a local number for the Johnston County area. Anyone who wants emergency alerts can sign up on the Hyper-Reach system; contact Jason Bryant at (580) 371-0174; or go to the Hyper-Reach web site.

NOTE: Currently (2016), there are no public storm shelters in the city

Other Warning Services

NOAA Weather Radios
This is the warning system most highly recommended by emergency management professionals. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) issues all severe storm warnings from their Norman, Ok headquarters, and all local storm sirens and storm notifications use this NOAA source for sounding local alarms. Having a NOAA radio in your home lets you hear the NOAA warning as soon as it is issued. NOAA radios have battery backup, so they work even if the electricity is off.  Both Houser's Furniture and Courtesy PC in Tishomingo offer the weather radios at very competitive prices. Tip: select a radio which lets you filter the warnings by warning type and by geographic area so that you don't have to listen to a tornado warning for Lawton at 3 a.m. unless you want to. The Midland WR300 is a well-reviewed radio which has this feature.

Television and Internet
Local television stations provide excellent storm information and tracking, and both KTEN and KXII offer both phone and internet storm notification services (check their web pages). They rely on NOAA information as well as providing information from their own local weather and radar resources. Online weather resources such as www.weather.com and the NOAA web site www.srh.noaa.gov/oun/ may also be useful. However, power outages can disrupt television and internet service.



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