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Tishomingo City Council, 2016-17

City Hall Phone:  580 371 2369

Tom Lokey, Mayor 2017-18, Ward Three, since 2011. Council Term expires 2020.

Sue Robbins, Vice-Mayor 2017-18, Ward One, since 2013. Term expires 2019.

Norma Chaney, Ward Two, since 2017. Council Term expires 2020. 

Brison McSwain, Ward Four, since 2012. Term expires 2018.  

Cathy Harmon,  Ward Five, since 2017. Term expires 2020. 

City Clerk/Treasurer: 

Darcy Ratliff , appointed by council, January 2016 to fill vacancy; elected 2016. Term  expires 2019. 

City Manager 

City Manager: Travis Stroud;  580-371-2369.

City Hall Staff  

Dianna Pitts, Office Manager/Deputy City Clerk
Janene Cooper, Utilities Clerk
Alma Carvel, Administrative Assistant
Jeff Klann, Animal Control Officer

Municipal Court

Dustin Rowe, City Attorney
Laura Corbin, Municipal Judge
Stacie Underwood, Municipal Court Clerk

Fire Department

Gary Deaton, Fire Chief

Police Department Tishomingo PD on Facebook

Shannon Smith, Chief of Police

Public Works

Marlon Sullivan, Public Works Director

Boards and Commissions

Planning and Zoning Commission

Parks Commission


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Boards and Commissions


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